November 27, 2020

An “APP” to measure your actions in favor of the planet

Text by: Ilán Greenfield Does it have to come from above? Does it have to come from below? Does it have to come from the higher ups, from the large-scale dispositions of the people in power? Or of the daily […]
September 23, 2020

Update ⛅ from the Cloud Forest

Message from our President: Nearly six months ago, on April 4th, during our first ordinary assembly meeting of this year, we elected MCF’s new Board of Directors for the period April 2020 – April 2022. This was soon after the […]
August 28, 2020

Chocó-Andean Festival

Mindo Cloudforest Foundation salutes its neighbors and friends in the Chocó-Andino during their festival days. For those of us who live and work in the Chocó-Andino Biosphere Reserve it´s easy to see its importance in the quality of its air, […]
June 26, 2020

Presentation given May 16th, 2020

Welcome to everyone and thank you for your time and interest, thanks also to Momentum Novum for organizing this event and to Karo Chamorro for the invitation. So, I´ve been asked to talk about my experience in helping create and […]
June 3, 2020

Meet our Team

Believe it or not I started writing this on May 1st, International Workers Day, while thinking about our foundation´s tag line “For Birds and Nature, Empowering People.” Noble sentiment perhaps, but how is it on the ground that we empower […]
May 11, 2020

Cloud Forest Quarantine

The quarantine wouldn’t have been the same without you! Here at MCF’s Milpe Bird Sanctuary we’ve had a fairly full house throughout the quarantine, accompanied for part of the time by three volunteers from Ecuador´s Northern Technical University, Carlos Enriquez, […]