Our Programs

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Four mutually reinforcing work areas

that follow from the objectives listed in our legally approved statutes, and together lead towards one simple goal: the sustainability of our beautiful corner of the globe. As we go along this path, perhaps some of what we do will ripple out beyond to the wider world. Follow us or like us to see where it goes.


Habitat Conservation

  • Megadiversity in all its guises.
  • Network of Forest Reserves.
  • Consultancies.

Ecological Inquiry

  • Citizen science.
  • MOUs with 2 U.S. universities.
  • Innovative research station!

Fostering Ecotourism

  • Pioneers of new destinations.
  • Opening opportunity for local actors.
  • Consultants and strategic planners.


  • Native tree nursery.
  • Work with local governments.
  • Geospacial analysis for connectivity.