Oreothraupis & Tandayapa Reserves

  • Start dateDecember, 2008
  • Hectares protected217 (540 acres)
  • Altitude1680 - 2450 m (5500 - 8025 ft)
  • Important Bird AreaMindo and the Western Flanks of the Pichincha Volcano (EC043)

This magical piece

of pristine cloudforest runs between the ‘Paseo del Quinde’ and the banks of the Mindo River.

While the property is named for the odd Tanager Finch, it is also home to Spectacled Bear, Ocellated Tapaculo and much much more. Come bird the well-maintained trail that will take you from 2,300 to 2,450 meters elevation with the best possible views over the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest. You can enjoy perhaps the world’s highest concentration of Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan and Toucan Barbets too, plus an entire suite of montane cloud forest species from Kinkajous, Olinguitos & the occasional Two-toed or Three-toed Sloth!


Oreothraupis Bird List
Map & Directions

This property is part of the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest and aside from the one access trail, we prefer to keep it untouched, low-impact and good fun!
Also, thanks to a kind donation, in 2015 we add two new forest properties in the nearby Tandayapa Valley totaling 67 hectares (165 acres), just a tick North. These lands do not have trails or infrastructure, but are ours to protect, watch over and bird from the edges knowing that the flora and fauna are there. These areas begin as low as 1680 meters (5500 feet).
The larger of these two forest blocks is neatly bisected by the Equator. Feel free to come check.
NOTE: the birds for the Tandayapa properties are included in the list at the “Oreothraupis” link above.

Tip your binoculars sideways

Tip your binoculars sideways