Reforestation & Restoration

  • Nurseries3
  • Trees planted to date> 600,000
  • Number of species planted> 70
  • Reforestation partners> 90

Rebuilding habitat and capturing CO2

Reforestation is an important part of the fight against climate change. As part of our mission, the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation is planting native species trees in the Northwestern Ecuadorian Andes with the support of our various partners in the US and Europe.
We must also thank our partners in the endeavor, the Belgian NGO BOS+, their funding partner Telenet, and Minnesota´s Tiny Footprint Coffee.

Taken as a whole we call this effort the “CarbonNeg Initiative,” working to mitigate the effects of climate change through reforestation and conservation. OUR PROJECT IS ECUADOR´S FIRST TO OBTAIN VALIDATION TO BOTH THE VERIFIED CARBON STANDARD AND THE CLIMATE, COMMUNITY & BIODIVERSITY ALLIANCE STANDARDS; THANKS TO THE AUDITING SERVICES OF RAINFOREST ALLIANCE. Please click or tap the respective logos to see our Validation Statements.

Since the end of the main planting phase of “Telenet – Tiny Footprint” project we continue to monitor results with the our project partners BOS+ and professor Hans Verbeeck of the University of Ghent´s CAVElab – Computational & Applied Vegetation Ecology, his students and volunteers. We also continue to enrich certain parcels of the project with diverse hardwood species to continue to guarantee results.
In 2017 we began working with both the World Wildlife Fund´s Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN) planting trees with the cacao growers of the Asociación Nueva Esperanza within our macro-corridor of conservation interest and not far from our Río Silanche Reserve. The same year we also began planting for One Tree Planted (OTP), an NGO from Vermont.


In 2018 we were awarded another project from EFN and hope to continue with OTP. If you can keep all the acronyms and initials straight, hats off!

MCF Coordinator María José Guerrero (foreground) at a community nursery at Nueva Esperanza

Now, last and certainly not least, since 2017 we´ve been fortunate enough to work with support of the Belgian Government coordinated by our ever better friends at BOS+. This project is focused on improving our nurseries, our management of native seeds from our forest reserves and from neighbors, and also includes an important component of agro-forestry with cacao growers and others. We are and remain extremely grateful.

Trees finding room to grow and share the sun at one of our reforestation parcels