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MCF enters its 19th year of activities creating strategically located bird and biodiversity reserves while restoring forests with neighbors and communities in the region. MCF has been able to position its Bird Sanctuaries among the most diverse birding Hotspots not just in Ecuador but across the Northern Andes. We are a multidisciplinary team: Ornithologists, ecologists, conservationists, artists, a physicist, a forestry specialist, an historian and an eco-tourism entrepreneur or two, always happy to listen and seek ways to better serve the needs of the birds and nature while empowering people.


Mindo Cloudforest Foundation´s Mission is the conservation of nature and the landscapes of northwest Pichincha province and the Choco-Andes Corridor, with special emphasis in forest habitats and birds through the adoption of alternative and efficient economic development models, especially avitourism, that involve and benefit the local population and its leaders.


Current Directors

Hugo Arnal


With a background in field biology and tropical ecology, he's dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity, protected areas, the world’s natural heritage, and to the broader spectrum of stakeholders on whom conservation and social well-being rely.

Brian Krohnke


A conservationist and US/Ecuador dual-citizen, co-founder of and leader in the implementation of MCF´s bird sanctuaries and projects. He´s happy to connect and engage about our work and possible project ideas.

Juan Francisco Veintimilla


The youngest MCF member at 34 years, he´s a lawyer from Quito´s San Francisco University with a master in international tourism management from the U. of Lleida, tourism entrepreneur, nature and conservation lover since a child.

Markus Tellkamp


Conservationist, ornithologist and university professor from Quito who has birded cloud forests since 1992 and has been a member of MCF since 2011. Currently Dean of Biology at Yachay Tech.



Iain Campbell

Founding Member

Birder, conservationist, author and wildlife photographer, Iain helped co-found MCF in 2001 after moving here from his native Australia.
J. Fernando Veintimilla

Founding Member

Birder, tourism entrepreneur and Rotary Club member from Quito, Juan helped co-found MCF in 2001.
Paul J. Greenfield

Founding Member

Artist, birder, conservationist, co-author/illustrator of The Birds of Ecuador and numerous other publications on our avifauna; he pioneered avitourism in Ecuador.
Nick Athanas


Avid photographer and lead author of Birds of Western Ecuador: A Photographic Guide (2016). When not guiding for Tropical Birding, he resides in Maryland, USA.  
César Molina


Lawyer, university professor, passionate about nature and birds.
Miles McMullan


Artist, naturalist and birder from Belfast, Miles has authored and illustrated many books on the Ecuadorian and Colombian avi-fauna.
Leila López


Ecuadorian forester with years of experience in both the private and government sector, Leila helps lead our Restoration and Silviculture program.
Gary Schiltz


Software engineer, avid birder and environmentalist.
Karen Schiltz


Artist, avid birder and environmentalist. She´s in charge of MCF gift shop at Milpe.
Elaine Simballa


Originally from Michigan, Elaine has helped create and maintain our garden and arboretum at the Milpe Bird Sanctuary over the past ten years.
Nick Biddle


Professor of the history of Latin America, Nick hosts our affiliate 501(c)(3) organization Friends of MCF in Vermont, USA.
Thibaut Convain


An agronomist from France and a unique case: he was an intern for MCF in 2008, a consultant in 2016, then a member since 2017.

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The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of l'Agence Française de Développement, Conservation International, the European Union, the Global Environment Facility, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A fundamental goal is to ensure civil society is engaged in biodiversity conservation.

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