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Megadiversity in all its guises, birds abound: Choco endemics, threatened species, boreal and austral migrants. This is one of earth´s most diverse regions, period.

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Environmental education

…Community Outreach & Scientific Research
We work with universities from Ecuador and around the world, and also communities and neighbors from our region.

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Ecotourism & Birding

MCF authored Ecuador´s national avitourism strategy and we live it every day. Our bird sanctuaries are world renown hotspots with great visitor facilities.

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Restoration & Silviculture

Native tree nurseries, forest connectivity restoration and emissions compensation programs, because stunning cloud forest habitat is what makes our region what it is.

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Our Bird Sanctuaries


Milpe Bird Sanctuary:

From the Vía Calacalí km 91, take a right next to small chapel (across the street from public school) and go 700 meters Northwest on gravel road to our parking area with wooden "MCF" sign. Buses from northern Quito going to Los Bancos, Pedro Vicente Maldonado and Puerto Quito all pass by here and it´s an easy walk in to where we are.

Río Silanche Bird Sanctuary:

From the Vía Calacalí km 126, go 7 km North following main road (avoiding secondary turn-offs) and green "MCF" signs to metallic bridge over the Silanche river. From the bridge our parking area is 600 meters uphill on your left. If you come in public transportation, you can hire pick-up trucks in Pedro Vicente Maldonado near the market and make it to Silanche in about a half hour.

Tandayapa Cluster:

We have several forests we protect in this key birding sector along the “Old Nono-Mindo Road” or “Paseo del Quinde.” Just above the village of Tandayapa and up above the "Bellavista" pass. You can come via Nono or from the Via Calacali km 52, km 62, or km 77. Walk the OCP trail above the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest, stunning! Otherwise these lands remain undeveloped and fantastic for birding from the road.

Puyucunapi Pilot Project:

The Puyucunapi Pilot Project has facilities for birders, feeders and forest trails, plus a native tree nursery and student cabins. Please contact us to arrange visits. From km 62 of the Calacalí-Los Bancos highway take a left and follow road uphill for 3.5 km following "Bellavista" signs. The entrance is on your right, in front of Quinde Luna.

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