Mindo Cloudforest Foundation

We are a nonprofit conservation organization that works to protect critically endangered natural habitat in Ecuador. Since our inception in 2001, we have worked in the northwest of the country, near the village of Mindo, and have since grown a renowned network of reserves at different altitudes. link a curso The reserves are open to birders and other nature enthusiasts, researchers, students, and we would love to have you come visit us! Long term viability of this habitat and it's biodiversity while contributing to global issues like climate change mitigation and adaptation are our goals, and to those ends we work via 4 overarching and mutually reinforcing programs. These programs are described and shown throughout this site and all of our work. We are always ready to entertain ideas, proposals and inquiries regarding these important topics. Thank you for visiting our website and considering visiting us in person.

Fundación de conservación


Trabajamos en la conservación del hábitat, el fomento del eco-turismo y la reforestación para la mitigación del cambio climático. Somos un equipo con miembros de 5 países, todos dedicados a la hermosa avifauna y la biodiversidad ecuatoriana. MCF fue creada mediante Acuerdo Ministerial #75 del Ministerio del Ambiente en el mes de diciembre del 2001; y el estatuto reformado de la fundación fue aprobado por Acuerdo Ministerial #135 del Ministerio del Ambiente en julio del 2011.


Partes de esta página están únicamente en inglés, y pedimos las debidas disculpas que el caso amerite. Esta decisión se adopta en honor al diseño de la página y en reconocimiento que la gran mayoría de nuestros visitantes son de habla inglés, más no por alguna razón chauvinista. Si usted desea más información sobre algo que se expone en esta página, no dude en contactarnos mediante el sistema que se encuentra en el menu “Contact”.


Estaremos gustosos de recibir su visita en nuestros santuarios de aves. Existen oportunidades para estudiantes de turismo, biología y afines. Estamos abiertos a propuestas de nuevas iniciativas con colegios, universidades, grupos locales, clubes, en fin. Si desea una introducción a la observación de aves, por favor que nos escriba.
Saludos cordiales, MCF

Our Programs

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Habitat Conservation

Megadiversity in all its guises, birds abound: boreal migrants, endemics, endangered and threatened species.

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Citizen science and relationships with 2 U.S. universities. We are forming an innovative research station!

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Fostering Ecotourism

Pioneers of new destinations, opening opportunity for local actors and initiatives. Ecotourism consultants and strategic planners.

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Reforestation & Restoration

Native tree nursery, work with local governments and geospacial analysis to held build habitat connectivity.

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  • We were enamored by the reserve, it's sights and sounds... the conservation work the guides and the staff do at Milpe!

    Boston´s Meridian School

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  • Enjoyed very much- Last time, stayed over night. Both very great, lots of birds. Ronne, Dolphin Charters

    Dolphin Charters

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  • I look forward to great mammal pictures in our camera traps here. Yes, I´ll send the battery charger soon...

    Roland and Luis

    Dr. Roland Kays, eMammal

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  • 7-05-2015 Stayed for 4 days from 3 to 7 May, Great birding! ... Also saw an Ocelot for a few seconds on the Trogon trail (5 May)! Many thanks,

    Eric, South Africa

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  • The doodle in our log book speaks for itself: "Hermoso Lugar"! From the University of Wyoming, Laramie.

    Hermoso Lugar

    Rachel Fanelli

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