Mindo Cloudforest Reserves

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Milpe Bird Sanctuary

One of Ecuador’s best birding sites 

The emblematic Long-wattled Umbrellabird was the inspiration for our logo
Another Chocó Bioregional endemic found at our Milpe Reserve is the Plumbeous Forest Falcon.
The Chocó Toucan is a favorite among Mindo Cloudforest guests.

Home to the Long-wattled Umbrellabird, the Milpe Bird Sanctuary shelters many other Andean Chocó endemics like Plumbeous Forest Falcon, Rose-faced Parrot, Chocó Trogon, Chocó Toucan, Esmeraldas Antbird, Yellow-green Tanager, and many more. Visitors also enjoy seeing many colorful tanagers and hummingbirds.

The Milpe Sanctuary amenities include hiking trails, birdwatching gardens, a gift shop, a cafe, and cabins for overnight guests. Centrally located, it provides access to many other birding hotspots in the region, including our own Rio Silanche and Tandayapa Cluster. Milpe Sanctuary makes for a great home base while touring Ecuador’s West Slope. Have any questions? See Milpe’s FAQ.

Fun Facts about the Milpe Bird Sanctuary

  • We created this sanctuary in 2004. Today it protects 247 acres of Montane Evergreen Forest and provides access to the Chalhuayacu River valley.
  • Many manakins make appearances at this sanctuary, including the Club-winged, Golden-winged, and White-bearded Manakins.
  • The Milpe Bird Sanctuary covers an altitudinal range from 1050-1150 meters above sea level.

“I’m so grateful to have found a birder’s paradise…”

I stayed in the student/budget housing for two nights. It was amazing to be able to walk the extensive network of trails first thing in the morning as well as after dark. There is a simple kitchen one can use and taxis to the location from Los Bancos are only $3. I’m so grateful to have found a birder’s paradise that can be visited on a tight budget. Loved falling asleep to the sound of rain on the metal roof and owls calling.

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Amanda Greenfield

Birdwatcher on a budget

Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary

Incredible Birding of the Chocó lowlands


A Green-thorntail hummingbird photographed by Edy Goodyear at Rio Silanche
Crested Owl photographed by Glenn Bartley
Bay-headed Tanager from the Rio Silanche Reserve, photographed by Glenn Bartley

Birdwatchers come to Rio Silanche to see Chocó endemic species like the Purple-chested Hummingbird, Chocó Trogon, Double-banded Graytail, Moustached Antwren, Stub-tailed Antbird, Slate-throated Gnatcatcher, Scarlet-breasted Dacnis, Blue-whiskered Tanager, Rufous-winged Tanager, Scarlet-browed Tanager and others.

The Rio Silanche amenities include an ample trail system through hilly lowlands, a 50-foot tall canopy observation tower, and hummingbird feeders. This reserve does not have food and lodging on site. Have any questions? See Rio Silanche’s FAQ.

Fun Facts about the Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary

  • We created this sanctuary in 2005. Today it protects 247 acres of Montane Evergreen Forest.
  • This sanctuary includes some of the last remnants of lowland forests on the northwest slope of Ecuador’s Andes.
  • The Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary covers an altitudinal range from 325-410 meters above sea level. 

“Excellent Birds”

Spectacular with patience and a good camera to get the best photos. Telephoto lens and good binoculars. The area is prone to clouds and humidity. Excellent birds.
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Luis Gomez

Trip Leader

The Tandayapa Cluster

Pristine cloud forest along the Hummingbird Route

The highest concentration of Grey-breasted Mountain Toucan live in the Tandayapa Valley, photographed by Glenn Bartley
The Ocellated Tapaculo can be seen in our Tandayapa Reserves; photographed by Glenn Bartley
A stately Powerful Woodpecker photographed by Glenn Bartley in our Tandayapa Cluster.

Bird multiple altitudinal zones of the Tandayapa Valley at our cluster of diverse properties that include the Oreothraupis Reserve and the Pacha Quindi Nature Reserve. Highlight species include Tanager Finch, Ocelated Tapaculo, Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, and Toucan Barbet. Pacha Quindi is one of the best places to see twelve species of hummingbirds, sometimes more!

The Oreothraupis Reserve has a well-maintained birding trail with excellent views of the Mindo Nambillo Ecological Reserve. The Pacha Quindi Reserve amenities include hummingbird feeders, lodging and camping available for overnight guests. Have any questions? See Tandayapa’s FAQ.

Fun Facts about the Tandayapa Bird Sanctuary

  • We created this sanctuary in 2008. Today it protects 536 acres of Montane Evergreen Forest with a commanding view over the Alambi, Tandayapa, and Mindo Rivers.
  • Andean Spectacled Bear visit our Tandayapa Reserves during their seasonal migration.
  • The Tandayapa Cluster covers an altitudinal range from 1680-2450 meters above sea level.

“Best spot for bird watching”

Best spot for bird watching! No wonder why so many nature documentaries are shot in that specific location!

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Sebastian Suárez