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Seriously, we´d love it if you would post any pictures you´ve taken at our reserves on Facebook. Tell a story, your highlights, low points or whatever. Our thanks to Germania Cerezo, who with her husband, Luis Yánez (pictured at right), have been taking care of the Milpe Bird Sanctuary for over ten years. Luis´s photos are featured throughout this site. It should be noted that our web guy took some liberty with cropping and tweaking Luis´s pictures (and even adding some of his own), so that not all the blame or praise should fall on one person. If you have a question about the ID of any bird or creature in these pictures, just send us a quick message via the contact page or Facebook, and we´ll do our best to respond asap. We know the names but didn´t want to clutter this all up with verbiage. If you´ve got a suggestion on how to improve, please tell us.