Puyucunapi Reserve

  • Start dateApril, 2012
  • Hectares protected240 (600 acres)
  • Altitude1900 - 2100 m (6700 ft avg)
  • Habitat typePremontane Cloudforest
  • Important Bird AreaMindo and the Western Flanks of the Pichincha Volcano (EC043)

This stunning forest reserve

is 240 hectares (600 acres) with a working dairy farm on 30 of those hectares, and is near the headwaters of the Pachijal river in Nanegalito parish.

MCF manages the property to conserve its important flora and fauna. It belongs to the family of our newest member, Dr. Markus Tellkamp, Ecuadorian/German ornithologist and professor at Ecuador´s prestigious Yachay Tech. In coming years MCF will lead the conversion of the dairy pastures into forest, more new bird habitat. Puyucunapi at average 2000 meters (6700 feet) altitude is located near the Paseo del Quinde Ecoroute and our Oreothraupis Reserve. The location offers warm days and cool nights ideal for relaxing (or a romantic evening) in front of the fireplace.


Puyucunapi Bird List
Map & Directions

Come stay over!
The beautiful, well-appointed and rustic farm home is available for weekend rentals (or longer periods as the case may be). Puyucunapi—in the clouds in Quichua—is the perfect base for birders who want to explore northwest Pichincha with a little more privacy, independence and comfort as compared to the normal lodge or hotel experience. Please write for pricing and availability.

Puyucunapi: in the clouds (Quichua)

Puyucunapi: in the clouds (Quichua)