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Earthquake damage

Rebuilding our birding facilities

Join us as we repair earthquake damage! A major seismic event occurred on Ecuador´s Pacific coast this April 16th, shattering lives and infrastructure over a large portion of the coast, just downhill from where we are. In our region there was considerable movement, a rolling wave about a minute long but no critical damage or injuries. Thankfully our staff, neighbors and friends are all fine. We did however suffer some minor damage to our canopy tower at the Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary, a shattered water tank and fissures in the cement walls of the lower stories. Also, at our Milpe Bird Sanctuary our trailhead shelter and bathroom facility both got nasty tears and cracks in their roofs. We ask you to join us in rebuilding and improving these facilities. We encourage your tax deductible donation to our U.S.A. 501(c)(3) organization Friends of Mindo Cloud Forest.

  • This roof had held out since 2004, but the quake was just too much.
  • It´s time to rebuild and it´s handy that the rainy season is coming to an end to do it.
  • This roof lasted 12 years, but perhaps a redesign could go longer, bamboo and aluminum?
  • Cracked cement, shattered water tank and general maintenance urgently needed!
  • We aim to revamp the bathroom and make a shadier spot to picnic for happier visitors.